Anatomic- milking units


Classical and proven solution providing quick milk flow, delicate treat of teats and simple service. Dependently on cow characteristic in the herd, POLANES offers a few configurations of ANATOMIC H cluster: standard liners, silicone, steel teat cups or the lightweight teat cups made of resistant material. Due to individual configuration, the weight of the cluster may be chosen in the range from 1,6 kg to 2,0 kg. The cluster is intended for using in the milk pipeline and milking parlours.


A new cluster of POLANES company. Unification of solutions with ANATOMIC 350 cluster, Anatomic I allows to apply the same configurations of liners and muffs, influencing on the weight of the cluster.

ANATOMIC II cluster includes a nipple-less milk claw and without valves made of stainless steel intended for an intensive continuous work in milking parlours. A construction provides laminar flow of milk during milking process and precise cleaning during automatic washing process. The quantity of spare parts has been limited to minimum and exploitation costs estimated on 0 zloty.

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