Individualized milking: AUTOTANDEM milking parlour

AUTOTANDEM milking parlour differs from other milking parlours basically. It ensures many assets, especially for small herds:

  • Individual boxes provide a perfect view on the cow and make milking process stress-free
  • Each cow is being milked individually and automatically- it enhances performance of the milking stand
  • Each box has enough space for placing even the big animals comfortably
  • The boxes are assembled collaterally to the milking pit which provide an excellent view for the animals
  • Due to this solution, it is easier to put on the clusters
  • All boxes are independent

In AUTOTANDEM milking parlour, every cow is being milked independently. Individualized milking improves milk quality because lack of group pressure makes the cow calm. This type of milking parlour is intended for cows that are being milked longer.

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