AQUA wash automat



AQUARIUS 80S – a consecutive version of very popular autowasher enriched with program for automatic liquid dispenser

AQUARIUS  BIS – dozing module equipped with efficient peristaltic pumps

AQUATRONIC N – autowasher programmer is integrated with the main driver, controlling all the subassemblies of the milking system

AQUATRONIC – autowasher programmer with w-fi function. The resilient programmer works with AQUABOX water heating module. Due to applying microprocessor technology, modern washing units of Polanes can be programmed for every type of milking parlour or pipeline milker. Automatons control the washing process without any service, accomplishing all the set stages.

AQUAPULS Jet pump – it lets purified air during washing the milking installation. Eddying and appropriate speed of washing liquid provide accurate cleaning of external surface of the milking pipe and the receiver jar.

STOP-WASHING safety switch works with autowasher. The device blocks start of milking or washing process in case when installation is not connected to a milk cooler or washer.

AQUABOX – water heating system with the capacity 100-150 litres, depending on water quantity required for installation washing. AQUABOX is equipped with a heating element with power 9,15 or 24 kW.

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