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FarmLED is a light management system in the barns designed by POLANES company with use of DALI signal. Digital light sensor decreases intensity of lamps burning, or turns off if the intensity of daylight is sufficient. The controller controls the intensity of LED light in the barn according to chosen lighting program. The system contributes to better climate in the barn and allows to save up on energy costs. The new LED technology applied in casing allows to save up even to 60% on electric energy costs.

16 hours of daylight – 8 hours of darkness

Endocrine system makes use of lighting to extend length of the day influencing on melatonin production. Light inhibits melatonin production and darkness enhances it. Longer photoperiods mean less sleep hormone and healthier and more active cows. This requirement of artificial brightness effectively stimulates long days in the spring, the exact time when cows naturally are most active. The result of such process is better forage uptake and increasing in milk production. Improper level of lighting might have an influence onanimal health, performance and welfare.

• optimum intensity of lighting in the barn is 150 lux

• lighting inhibits melatonin production

• low concentration of sleep hormone makes the cow more active

• enhanced activity and improvement of forage uptake boost cow effiency by 15% !

















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