KOMPAS- milking units

Milking unit KOMPAS 500 is an advanced technical equipment of milking parlour. The unit is particularly helpful, when one milker handles greater number of units simultaneously.

Additional advantage of this solution is possibility of cooperation with herd management system Infodex. Connection of the milking parlour with Infodex system allows to record and analyze the history of each cow milking, which enables to manage the herd effectively.

Basic functions of KOMPAS 500 system:

  • possibility of cooperation with other measurements modules,
  • milk yield measurement, fat content, protein, lactose, temperature, milking time
  • mastitis detection,
  • water temperature measurement during installation washing,
  • control of pulsation on each milking stand,
  • automatic cluster removal after the milking is finished,
  • automatic stimulation with a low milk flow or manually triggered by milker,
  • low flow alert,
  • milking cluster drop off alert,
  • Charge-And-Hold technology for coils supply, that extends pulsator life,
  • reading information from the management system Infodex,
  • possibility of sending the information to the management system Infodex,
  • possibility of entering a cow’s number using a numeric keyboard
  • depending on a chosen measurement module

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