Automatic barn cleaners

Dung removal robot PRIBOT cleans floors in the barn steadily around the clock. Compact design of PRIBOT robot enables to clean even narrow walkways along separation gates. All corners and passages are completely cleaned. Uneven walkway is compensated due to movable cleaning cover. The cleaning effect can be enhanced by the optimal use of a water-sprinkling device. The robot learns the route easily due to the teach-function. Once the robot drives the route, it saves it in device memory. After that, you are able to set the starting time for each route individually.


Features of PRIBOT robot:

  • free programmable  route
  • motion control due to the edge sensors and ultrasounds
  • free programmable starting time
  • obstacle identification
  • user-friendly, ergonomic manual controller with joystick and big display
  • simple and self-explanatory menu-navigation
  • automatic loading when battery is low
  • cleaning cover with changeable rubber board
  • gel-storage batterries
  • automatic battery-charging station with 230V connection


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