Ventilation fans Fresh Air improve air circulation in the barn during the heat. Such system facilitates cleaning the air from gases released  from the manure and enables removing pathogens, dust mite and pollution.

Air ventilation system cools down the animals, reduces heat stress and enhances comfort of people who work in the farm.

Microclimate in the barn is one of the factor influencing herd productivity. In the summer high temperature and humidity are often the cause of heat stress in cows. Cows are becoming more drowsy and less active, show lack of appetite and look for a shadow and fresh air and as a result animals are less productive. That is why it is so important to provide fresh air and proper temperature in the barn.

Ventilation fans Fresh Air

  • universal and solid body
  • galvanized steel casing
  • stainless steel vanes
  • simple assembly
  • easy control

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