DAIRY SENSOR,  Spectrum NIR Technology

The sensor is a subsystem of milking unit KOMPAS 500 with an analysis function of milk volume, protein, fat, lactose measurement and conductivity in real time. Data is being sent to computer with INFODEX herd management system which allows to save and analyze milking history.

The data will be especially important in these herds which take part in breeding programs and take care of quick genetic progress of the herd.

Information about chemical composition of milk and its quantity is very valuable because it allows to define impropriety of forage dosage balance. Fast corrections improperly composed forage doses will allow to confine financial loss arisen as a result of acidosis and ketosis. They also allow to fully make use of the genetic potential of the herd and early elimination of the weakest animals. The information about milk conductivity enables quick detection of subclinical mastitis and implementation of treatment.

DAIRY SENSOR takes advantage of „Free Flow” technology which means that the flow is not disturbed by moving parts and eliminates the risk of failure and errors.

DAIRY SENSOR commences the measurement and analysis at the moment of flow of the first streams of milk.

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