Aside genetics, feeding is a foundation of building individual performance of each cow and the entire herd as well. Considering this and being aware that cost of fodder is a major component of milk production process, reasonable feeding has become a key parameter in production nowadays.



Good feeding, however, is not only good in economic terms and milk performance of cows; but also ensures good health. Individual feeding of cows has a beneficial effect on their general health, productivity, and fertility. Adjustment of feeding doses to current needs of cows reduces the cost of expensive wet feeds. 

It has never been easier to use state-of-the-art dosing and feeding forms. Modern and proven POLANES systems offer the option of programming a constant feed dose or configuring an individual feeding schedule for each cow based on their lactation curve and individual productivity.


PASZOTEC- automatic feeding stations

  1. Precise control of wet feed dosing and liquid additives.
  2. Individual feeding schedule for the most productive cows.
  3. Long useful life of the equipment operating in aggressive conditions, due to its reinforced structure.
  4. Optional integration of several feeding stations in a single computer system allows handling more cows.

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